Boom Beach Game Android and IOS


Boom Beach : Boom Beach has been released Globally on March 2014 for IOS 7 or higher.

Version : Recent version is 12.18.1 and most recent update on on March 2014.

Download only available on IOS (iphone,iPad,iPods)

Boom Beach Help : For Boom Beach cheating and support Visit at Boom Beach Troop.



Support :  Boom Beach Google + and Boom Beach Facebook.

Download Boom Beach on Android devices and play online with your friends.

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Tips to get more coins: Fight to won all the villages you can you see by your Radar. Every village gives you 40 coins per hour.Some village also give you stones and woods.

boom beach village

Tips to get more Darks: By different darks you can create different Statue. Building statue you can boost up your earning and give extra power to your troops.

Destroying Hammerman’s base and Dr. Terror’s base are the best way to earn more Darks. Every time you won with Dr.terror you get Different types of Dark.





Free Diamonds: Join to Boom Beach Community to get Diamonds. Every time you defence your base from any attack you get bonus Diamonds. To get free diamonds make sure you collect them.

boom beach free diamonds


Join Boom Beach community 



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