Free International Calling from Text Plus




Text + app review:

Cheap Call To USA and Canada through Text+. Only text plus provide you free local internet number to the app. Your text+ local number will display to the receiver’s phone screen.

Free Text+ credit : Text+ has video and Deal promo. You can earn free Text+ calling credit to watch Video advertisement and Complete Promo order. Text+ has coupon for lots of product and Text+ users get free calling credit to complete order.

International Calling : With Text+ credit you can call all over the world. Text+ allows to call USA,Canada,India,Bangladesh,China and many country to call for free credit.

Free calling and Texting : Its always free calling and texting from Text+ to Text+ users.


Text+ screenshot:


Text + is available on IOS and Android .

Download : Download for IOS, Android, Windows phone, Nokia

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 2.06.08 PM




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