Games on Isreal and Gaza Conflict

Google has been criticized badly for hosting violent games based on the Gaza and Israel conflict on its GooglePlay store.

Israeli Space Force is still  available on the Googleplay store, where  as a pilot of Israel Space Force the players are to join battle field equipped with “powerful weapons” against Hamas ,Hezbollah, Syria ,Iran  and even The Fourth Reich. Description of the Android game says: “The year is 2130 and Israel is at war with dangerous enemies- this time in space!” The game has added 2 more levels. There are more similar game on Gogleplay store such as Defending Israel:SE- Free ed

Whack the Hamas

One Google user who commented on Israeli Space Force’s description said: ” just shameful propaganda and misinformation in game form for fanatic zionists. Enjoy your brainwash, morons”.

“Whack the Hamas” another Android game was created, had claimed on its description page to have been “inspired by the operation ‘Tzuk Eitan’.” Where that name is the codename means protective edge given to the Israel Defence Forces’s operation against Gaza. “The Hamasites are coming out of their tunnels! Don’t let them escape, otherwise they will hurt innocent civilians!”  has been mentioned on game description.


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Gaza Assault and Bomb Gaza, these 2 games were available on Googleplay store, where in the first game  the player takes control of an Israeli drone equipped with “powerful weapons” over Gaza. Description of the Android game says: “Terrorist cells are launching rockets into your country, do you have what it takes to protect your citizens?” Other game “Bomb Gaza” where the description tells players that they must “drop bombs and avoid killing civilians”.

Bomb Gaza


Random Google user commented on Bomb Gaza’s description for glorifyimg the horror and violence said: “To think that you can turn genocide, murder and ethnic cleansing into a game is absolutely disgusting”. Another said it was “utterly shameful”.

Another user has commented, “My beloved brothers and sisters are dying in Gaza and some stupid ignoramus decides to make a game like this.”

On the other hand,  games found on Googleplay e.g; Gaza Hero where just click every israel army to change them into food,water,cake medicine for palestinian. Description of the game says: Curse Israel for genocide doesn’t make palestinian better. Ones should donate directly or play and share this game . This is not just religion problem, this is humanity problem. It’s a charity game for Gaza, evrey revenue from this game will be donated to Gaza.

gaza hero


Others – Israel Under Attack ,


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