How Computer Works without computer | Windows System on Student’s Notebook in an African School

How Computer Works without computer | A Ghana Teacher showing How Windows System works on blackboard.

Teacher Owura Kwadwo Hottish in Ghana shows his students how Windows (computer operating system) works on blackboard. Owura posted pictures of himself and students on Facebook let the world know that people from Ghana are interested on technology but they are not pursuing it because lack of resources.

Mr Owura’s pictures went viral on social media including Facebook.

After publishing these picture on social media Microsoft has contacted with him and promised to send all equipment and professional apps for the school. This school has 14-15 years old students and there is ICT (Information and Computer Technology) subject for interested students.


However, currently there are no compute in the school but all the ICT students are expected to pass all the exams. News published on African comedian media and other news media so world should do something about these students.

Thanks to the Entrepreneur Rebecca Enonchong who has tweeted about this to get the attention of Microsoft and they have responded accordingly.


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