How to Buy And Sell Game Accounts Online?

How to Buy And Sell Game Account?

There are many people on internet looking to buy upper level game account just to skip all the lower level. Developing upper game account or game centre account with IOS is time consuming and it’s about real money too.

On the other hand, thousands of people are already selling their entire game account for little cash. There are many people on Facebook and other social media gathering to trade game accounts. Many of them already done with the game or just lost patient to play same game again and again. And that’s leads to sell their gaming account.

I have found many Facebook page/group are trading online gaming account with real cash. See one of the Facebook group is allowing it’s members to trade their e Supercell game accounts.

There is already a company helping people to trade their online game accounts and it’s call

What PlayerUp doing is allowing their members to put ads or request for selling/buying game account on their website. PlayerUp is charging monthly charge to their member for using their services. 

PlayerUp works as a middle man between buyer and seller. It collect money from buyer and deliver to selling securely. We are not sure how legally has been done this job though! So be careful when you make any transactions with your PayPal account. is one of the biggest website to trade online game accounts. PlayerAuctions is the only one company offering it’s members to trade their account from all over the world. Security concerns are always there. We have not been confirmed that this kind of trading company are legal or illegal. There are thousands of transactions has been processed every day through this website using PayPal, Visa, Mastercards, Skrill, Neteller payment gateways.

We have tried to find our PlayerAuction’s customer care phone number but unfortunately there is none. We are unable to verify if this is safe to use or not. For the people who are interested to use their service please do check their policy before you open an account with them. Go see their How To Sell, and How To Buy help page to start trading your online game accounts. If you have any issue to use their service you can contact to them through online form. Connect them with Facebook page so that you are up to date.

However, be responsible when you make any transaction with any online trading company or individuals. If you like this article please share on Facebook.



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