How To Make Extra Money and Get Diamonds on Hay Day

How To Make Extra Money and Get Diamonds on Hay Day

By Dj Aligon

Since you are playing Hay Day for long time and you wonder how to get extra money and get free diamonds. It’s very time consuming to wait for your production to be ready and get money from it. Recently Hay Day had a great update for the game on many things.

I have try to look many website for the right guide. I was asking myself how to get extra money without spending my dollars $$$ for diamonds. However, I am playing Hay Day everyday and always check my farm how everything is going.

Last week I tried to do a research and wrote down everything what I was doing to get extra money and diamonds. I also watched youtube video walkthrough made by Ricky Burnett.  Ricky is awesome, I found we have lots of similarity to get extra money and diamonds. Anyway, I am not going to make a video it’s because Ricky has already published a video on this youtube channel. You can watch all of the video he made for all of his viewers. I am going to give you some tips regarding this also share this video so that you guys can watch it without going to Youtube.

First thing first, make sure you are taking care of your crops. Check out them every time it’s ready. Harvest them, grow more and more to earn extra money. Growing crops also helps you to get extra XP, Free gift, some time diamonds.


Secondly, I always check my fishing area. Every time I see my fishing area is ready to fish. I start catching fish and make sandwich, then put on sale to my neighbour.

Make sure you have all the crops and product when your visitor come to your farm to trade. This is the best way of earning money. Every day I would use wheel of fortune to get extra money and jackpot. Yahoo…


Thirdly, I always keep my eyes on Hay Day Faq Hay Day Facebook page and wait for special events. Many time I have earned extra money from special event. Jump to the game and complete all the special event and collect 2X money…. Yahhhooooo… it’s sound great, right?


Four thing I would always visit my friend’s farm for extra coins. Every time I visit my Facebook and Google+ friends farm I get rewards with free diamonds and money. This is great opportunity to earn extra Hay Day money.

Hope it helps you guys. Make sure to watch the video by Ricky below. Comments and share with your friends who is looking to make extra money and diamonds.


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