How To Play Wet Head Game

How To Play Wet Head Game?

Wet Head Game is the most exciting game for all aged people. This is the famous game for group of people. Many people like to have games on their party time. Wet head brings you more fun on your party time. This is an easy and fun game for kids too. There are not risk to hard anyone on this game. This game is very safe to play for any age above 3 years old.

Here is the commercial video and watch it you will have fun if you have best school buddies.

We have reviewed and tried this game and i would recommend you to have this game. This game is very useful to make your party fun. Play with your close friends and challenge for luck. This is designed very carefully and simply and random way to entertain.

TV celebrities have tried this game if this is really fun or not. Watch the video below and she how much fun they are having. I told you this game is for anyone.

What comes with it?

Well this is very simple game and everything packed up in one pack. But here is the details below

  • One set includes wet head hat water container, water container plug 8 rods and spinner
  • Go to #wetheadchallenge
  • It’s time to take your chances and get WET N’ WILD WITH WET HEAD!
  • Water Roulette game
  • Will you be the next wet head?

How to Play?

Very easy and simple. Just open the top of the hat and fill up with any liquid you want use. After filling up the liquid use the roulette to pull rods following by the roulette number. For more instruction watch above videos and learn how to use it.

Where to buy and how much?  

You can buy through our SHOPPING page. This is only $10.01 on sale from this link

Hit the Buy Now to get your Wet Head Game. Hope you will enjoy it. If you do so, post your comments or fun moments with us.


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