Ice Age Village game guide and best tips

Ice Age Village: Ice Age is the most popular animated movie to everyone. Now Blue Sky and Gameloft together made Ice Age Village the Game.

Gameplay has great animation with all Ice Age animals. Fun never ends in the game. Gmaeplay has different different parts to discover Ice Age.




Ice Age the village is the Main gameplay platform. You can build Red Sloth, Beaver,road,trees and decorate your Ice Village with lots of stuff from shop button.

Adding new animals in your village give you extra Boost to discover new world under the Ice.

Building: To build new stuff or decorate your village Tab on Stuff Button and Select Shop. From shop option you are able to find lots of stuff to decorate and make big your village. Some stuff are free and some stuff can be buy with real money.

Animals: Beaver,Beaky Birdie,Trunkless Start,Raccoon,Shark and many animals are available to add on your village.

Complete Goals: Complete more goals and upgrade your gameplay Levels. For completing goals you get reward.

iceage village pic

Kung Fu Scrat: Play Kung Fu Scrat game in your village. This is the most interesting feature of this game. On the gameplay you can fight with different fish but make sure you Skip Spiky Fish to win the game. For every Game round you have to spend some Acorns or Ice Age Ice Star. Playing Kung fu rewards you random stuff.

Collect Coins and Star: From your village sloth you can collect coins and star for Level up. Make sure to clean ice to get extra Coins.

Buying more place: You are able to buy more land for your Ice Age Village. Make large your village and add more animals by using your coins and Ice Age Acorns.

Nursery: In Nursery Tab you can Create or Brub Eggs for animals. This is the place you can get all animals baby in your Ice Age village.

egg rub


Gameplay Video:


Have Strong Patient: Ice Age Village is Available on IOS and on Android for free to download. To spend less money on this game have a strong patient.





Add Friends: All social games allows you to add friends on the game. On the gameplay you can visit your friends village and ask for any help.

To all friends you must allow the game to access your Facebook.  Go Settings>>Facebook >> Allow Ice Age Village. To add new friends Join Here

Save your progress: If you don’t want to loose your Ice age village make sure you save your progress wit Game Centre or Google account.

IOS : Go settings>>Game centre>>login with Apple id or Facebook settings>>Allows Ice Age Village

Android: Settings>>Google Account>>login with Gmail or Facebook settings>>Allows Ice Age Village


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