Lost In Harmony Game

Lost In Harmony Game


Valentine’s special game in 2016. The Lost in Harmony is a fantastic game for all kind of game players. Play the song you like on the game. Create your own playlist while you are playing the game. On this game you can choose more than 30 environment to run and create hight score.


This game let you share your game experience through the game community. Share your game session with friends.


Character: You have all the access to customize the character. This game will give you 3D gaming experience on your smart phones.

Challenges: Lost In Harmony is an online game and you will experience online challenges with your friends. Add new friends from all over the world and rank yourself.

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Normally Id just tell my friends about a game I like, but this one is genuinely deserving of as much praise as I can give. The graphics are amazing and better than many iOS and some console games I’ve played. The story is emotional and well written but not so long as to draw out the game too much. Each level is well themed to the story before it and has amazing music to it. Integration of soundcloud and music makes a wide range of level options but I wish they’d add a search section for specific songs. My only complaint is when it’s the note I have to slide and follow, sometimes it’s behave as if I was telling it to move right and I’d lose huge points for falling off certain courses.

Beautiful Dream Worlds. . .

Beautiful, occasional haunting, dream worlds & a stunning soundtrack made this game original & worth the purchase for me. The gameplay itself is simple but becomes more challenging throughout the dreams. Another feature is Community playtracks that lets you create your own or play other users custom tracks. If you’re looking for escapism or something fresh and full of colour, reminiscent of the vibrancy in Big Hero 6, I recommend Lost in Harmony. I hope people around the world will join us and continue Kaito’s story. . .

Annoying Girl’s Voice

The game is great, I really like it.

But you are music game, why do you have to put those girl’s voices into the game? They are so annoying. I know they are supposed to make us be more careful of the obstacles. But actually they don’t help at all. The only thing they do is ruining your good songs and our game experience. So please remove those voices or at least give us a choice to turn it off.

Reviews from Google Play

Sgt Forlord February 7, 2016

A Desperate Game The game at it’s core is very good , however, it is constantly reminding you that you can buy the full version. They do it after every level. Also, I can’t skip the story that I am not at all invested in. Fixing either of those problems would bring my score up to a four.

Sean Frazier February 9, 2016

Great experience Nothing so far to what I played has compared to this so I’m happy to say it’s a great hit and I can’t wait to buy the full game

Subu Shiv February 8, 2016

A beautiful dream!!!!!! I can’t believe how cute this game is. The music, the animation. It easily gives you the good feeling.

Karl Hamel February 9, 2016

Good concept It’s nothing new, but it mix different kind of games really well. The jump is a bit slow and makes me miss obstacles sometimes. The visual is simple but great. The music is good even if it’s not original.
Best rhythm game I have played in years! This game is so great so far I’m 6 dreams in and the music is great, the game is great, I can’t wait to keep playing it, if you haven’t bought the gold edition I recommend it (this is coming from a guy how never buys games). You can really feel the emotion of what the characters are going through, through the music.


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