InterServer Hosting for $4/Mo Offer

Interserver is one of the oldest and excellent internet hosting company. Interserver is serving the web for more than 15 year now. There are many things people don’t know about website hosting and could hosting.

Let’s break down how to save money on hosting and get best hosting plan for online project and website.

Cost of hosting plan | $0.99 hosting plan Vs InterServer $4 hosting plan ?

” Marketing ” yes, $0.99 /mo hosting is just marketing to get customer for hosting business. You most likely end up buying cheap hosting plan for the first year and after 3 months once you done building your website it become slow to load. And you call about slowness to hosting company but your hosting company says you should upgrade otherwise it will be slow like hell. And from next year your hosting cost goes higher than $7.99 / mo. Then you end up paying $335 / year for single domain hosting.

Is it not crazy?

But Interserver don’t play with you. Thy are the most honest hosting company. Normally you get better deal if you buy hosting plan for 3 years. For less than 6 month plan you have to pay $5 /mo. So if you are planing to do online business for long time you should get the longer plan for better deal as in future hosting plan may get expensive.

Most important thing about Interserver hosting is that they would never change the price. You will get the same price for your whole life even cost goes higher.

Now, would you buy Interserver hosting plan for future or  buy the cheap plan with full of lie for $0.99/mo?

What do you get with InterServer hosting ? Try Demo

Honestly you get everything you need for your online project or website. Interserver is easy to use with all cPanel features. It also comes with free Google Adwords $100 credit to promote your online business. You get premium theme for free and discount on add ons.

It also includes

  • Free migration
  • All programing languages and unlimited Mysql for programming and developers
  • Free set up
  • 24/7 customer cares
  • More than 150 cloud apps
  • Free SSL Security for website and apps
  • and more listed all features here

And best thing i almost forgot to mention is that you get any custom domain just for $1.99 / first year.

InterServer is the best and affordable hosting company for VPS cloud hosing. See features comes with VPS cloud plans. No contract , you can cancel anytime if you are not happy with the plan you buy.

Compare the cost of VPS hosting with other popular hosting company.

Compare Wordpress and VPS hosting company by honesty

Web hosting/ Wordpress/
Blog/ Online shop
Same price for life
$2.95 /mo
This price for first 3 years
$2.75 /mo
This price for first 3 years
£3.33 /mo
Fast server
$0.99 /mo
First year
£2.78/ mo
Free domain
UK’s Cheap and best hosting
Cloud hosting
$6/ Mo
Same price for life
$6.50 /mo
100 GB storage
1 CPU and 2 GB storage
£12.99/ mo
Money back guarantee
C $21.47 /mo
For first year
£12.99 /mo

Fast and secure
Free Domain with hostingYesYesNoNoNoYes
SpeedSuper-fastFaster than GoDaddyFaster than HostPapaSuper-fastNormal shared speedSuper-fast
Domain cost$1.99
Free privacy
Extra cost for privacy
Extra cost for Privacy
Free privacy
Extra cost for privacy

Free privacy
Recommended 5 Star4.5 Star4.0 Star4.0 Star3.5 Star4.5 Star in UK


If you think InterServer is the best hosting for your online business you can always use this link to buy hosting and save lots of money. I have included the coupon on this link. Visit this official website and discover amazing hosting discount.

Get hosting for $4.00/Mo for 3 years now 

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