Ollie: Fast trick-performing and the app-controlled robot driven from Sphero

Ollie :Sphero


Ollie: Fast trick-performing and the app-controlled robot driven by Adrenaline from Sphero 


Sphero was first released in 2010 continues with having no rival – there’s simply no remote-control device on the market like it. The team that created the robotic sphere known as Sphero brings Ollie (originally code-named Sphero 2B) in 2014 to market with a completely new form- cylindrical shaped.

Ollie is the follow up to the company’s Sphero robotic ball and focuses on the core “driving” experience while adding precision gyroscopic control for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater-style mid-air tricks, taking the play from the screen into the physical world.

App-powered tricks with innovative controls and integrated gameplay give you the ability to create, master and share every trick imaginable.



Connected-toy company Sphero brings this new robust little robot that can zip across the floor at 14mph, hit ramps and do tricks, all controlled with a smart phone. Ollie runs best on an open plane, speeding and doing tricks best when everything is flat.




Ollie can jump over 1.5m from a small 10cm ramp. Photograph: Sphero




This device will be connecting to with smart device using Bluetooth LE – that’s Bluetooth 4.0, and in this case it means 30-meters of wireless connectivity. Compatibility at launch will be with iOS and Android.


apps game


The device is being released in white and black and most of the outer bits are made of a flexible, tough polycarbonate for rough drops and tumbles. It will be customized attaching hubcaps if one wishes (one set included in the box), as well as a variety of rubbery tires (one set included in the box).

Ollie :Sphero

The little robot will have different coloured tyres, with nobbled tyres for traction on carpet or slick rubber tyres for hard surfaces


Charging this device means plugging in with a micro USB cord – also included in the box and it will take around 1-hour for battery to be full. There are no buttons on Ollie, need to plug in a power cord to wake it up.

Before the device is released to the general market, Ollie has just one test app. This app works with iOS, for iPhone or iPad, and provides directional control as well as gesture control.





Ollie will cost £79.99, accessories will be priced individually and will be available from 15 September, with smartphone apps available for Android, iPhone and iPad and will be shipping worldwide starting on September 15th, 2014. You can find it through GoSphero.com where – it’ll be available for preorder.

Ollie is an awesome toy. It is something which is friendly for your child, co-worker, friend, or otherwise friendly associate. You’ll be doing the right thing for everyone involved. It’s radically designed, fun to use, and has a massive amount of potential.

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