• Sep 18, 2016
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Beat Generals Music Productions Guide


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Click Here! to learn how to make beat. Step by Stem video guide.

Learn Music


Click Here! to learn how to make beats and make your own music.

  • 120+ Exclusive Downloads – Including high quality drum kits, FLP’s, Samples, and Midi Files for you to use to take your music to the next level.
  • Beat Review Opportunities – Submit your best beats to Beat Generals for a chance to get your beat reviewed and critiqued professionally by our in-house producers. Beat Review videos are done fairly often, so you have a great chance at getting your beat(s) reviewed. This will be like getting one-on-one personal tips from a pro, helping you to make better music faster.
  • Member Forum Access – Gain access to a tight-knit community of like-minded people, all working together to make better music. You’ll be able to interact with all of our members, who are also serious about making music and be provided major placement opportunities. Learning amongst your peers and helping each other along the way can put your skill into overdrive.

Don’t miss out on these great limited time bonuses. Take control of your musical career and get serious about becoming a great music producer.


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