Square the small business payment solutions review

Why Square: Start up your small business with Square. The latest gift of technology. Square has a great solution for your small business and self employment payment receiving problems. Square has the best option for everyone. Pay what you use based credit card payment receiving solution. There is no monthly or yearly charges to use Square apps or the reader.

How it works: Square is the most easiest and smart reader in the market. Users has different option to choose payment.

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Square works with your smart phone. Download the free app from your smart phone apps store and plugin the reader into headphone jack to receive credit card payments.

You can also calculate your cash payment on this app. It also provide history of sales for the Day , Month or Year.

Square for Android


You can also receive payments without swiping the card to the card reader, but for that Square will charge you extra 0.75 % per transaction.

Square apps available on Android and IOS.

Charges and Fees: It may be different fees in different country. For Canada Square charge 2.75% per swipe of all major credit cards.

All other cards(Debits) 3.50% + 15 cents


fees of square


charges of square



How you will receive money to your bank?

Its easy, Once you open an account, Square will ask your bank details and the app will connect to the bank account you want Square to deposit. It takes one day to deposit money to your bank account. Square is secure and hassle free to use. Please visit Square official website and read all the T&C before you open an account.

Give a try Square for your personal business and leave a comment for future users. Website and app links are down below.

Visit Square Official website 

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Download Free

Download Free

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