Interserver is one of the oldest and excellent internet hosting company. Interserver is serving web more than 15 year now. There are many things people don’t know about website and could hosting.

Let’s break down how to save money on hosting and get best hosting plan for your online project and website.

Cost of hosting plan | $0.99 hosting plan Vs InterServer $4 hosting plan ?

” Marketing ” yes, $0.99 /mo hosting is just marketing to get customer onto the business. You most likely end up buying cheap hosting plan for the first year and after 3 months once you done building your website it become slow to load. And you call or chat with hosting company buy your hosting company says you should upgrade otherwise it will be slow like hell. And from next year your hosting plan cost you more than $7.99 / mo. Then you end up paying $335 / year for single domain hosting.

Is it not crazy?

But Interserver don’t play with you. This is the honest hosting business. Normally you get better deal if you buy hosting plan for 3 years. For less than 6 month plan you have to pay $5 /mo. So if you planing to do online business for long time you should get the longer plan for better deal as in future hosting plan might get expensive.

Most important thing about Interserver hosting that they would never change the price. You will get the same price for your whole life even cost goes higher.

Think of yourself now, would you buy Interserver hosting plan for future or cheap full of lie hosting plan for $0.99/mo?



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