Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run


Nintendo is going to release their new Super Marion Run game for iPhone and iPads. As far as we know this game is going to be more advanced and we will be able to play by one hand. Marion will jump into new adventure like you play on your TV with Nintendo box.


This game will be available to buy from Apple appstore. We don’t know how much is going to be the price yet. But there will be in game product you can buy with your real money. There will be new adventure every time you complete new goal.


This game will be available on 9 different languages. English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch. Nintendo is going to fix lot of bug and make this game faster on IOS devices. You can download this game only from Apple App store and link is below provided.

SUPER MARIO RUN – Nintendo Co., Ltd. Click here to download now and get it on your iPhone and iPad.


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