Tinymals – Virtual dragon pet

beggining of tinymals

Hatch for your own pet


One day, it was raining whole day out and i was alone at home. Sitting down and was nothing to do. The moment was boring. There was bunch of game on my phone but i was not feeling to play those game. I tabbed on itune and looked for new game and that moment i found a pet to play all day long with me. Yes, this is virtual pet. I can feed my pet. I can play soccer with my pet and even more things that i need to discover.

My pet is a Tinymals virtual dragon. My dragon can make cute sound when he eat and play soccer with me. He looks so cute when he takes rest.

In the begging of the game my pet came out from a dragon egg shell. I feed him every time when i see the notification of hunger.

tinymal game

Pet to play

Every time i feed him some fruits he gives me some gold to buy some extra fun from the game shop. I can choose his body colour and play different game.

tinymals colour changing

changing colours

I can buy some extra feature by real money from the gameplay. This a cool game to have virtual pet. Now i always feel that there is someone waiting for me on this mobile. Every time i jump to the game i feel that he was just waiting for me.

IOS Version reviews :

Positive points about the game….

1) The best thing about the game is free to download and easy gameplay.

2) Clear and 3D graphics.

3) Flexible movements of the pet

4) Natural sounds

5) Funny activities of pet

6) Fun box to add on

touch your pet

Touch to give him feel


Gameplay video —————–>>>>>>>

Gameplay video —————–>>>>>>>


Option to improvement on gameplay…..

1) Too much advertisement pop-up

2) Fun box is not free

3) Less features for free version

4) Less feature and less things to do with pet

5) Only one platform (Background, Gameplay area, No Neighbours or other pets, animals etc.)


I will recommend to try game if you like to have your own pets. Download free from this site and leave your commends for game community members.


Last Update: July 07, 2014

Currents Version: 1.3

Developer: Adrenaline Amusements Inc

Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Internet: Must need to connect with 3G or WiFi

Download: Free

Download Free

Download Free




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