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Each week there’s usually at least one game at Googleplay like “Jumps the gun”, “shadow Kings” etc. Recently Uber Entertainment’s tower defense game “Toy Rush” has been released on Googleplay and it’s  free to download.


toy rush toy


Toy Rush – in not only a tower defence game it’s also called tower offence game. Discover, collect and play with a variety of funny toys! And then attack your friends” with a collectible card twist is the bases of this game. Open card to deploy cool toys like  massive riding teddy bears, top-hatted sharks, for-wheeled cats against a range of wacky defence, including marble shooters, sticky gum traps and bottle rocket launchers where toys are to be fed to make them more powerful.

toy rush

Collect monster toys



It’s all topped off with a brilliant, whimsical art style where strategy is needed to take down the opponents that would make even the most serious adult feel like a kid. 50 single player missions are included in this game and it let’s payers join club and build ones bases and defences. To build best base one needs to attack to obliterate tower defences with projectile rainbows, explosive bombs, ground splitting pounds and hilarious kicks. Players have to find and discover dozens of toys and defend to protect the path to players own clubhouse with rubber band launchers ,marble shooters, bottle rocket towers.


toy rush game

Attack other’s base

Strategies like use of jacks and sticky gum traps to slow down friends progress and pair toys for maximum damage and protection are necessary to do best while playing. Special cards are used to heal, speed up and make toys stronger.


Waiting for Toy Rush? You can grab it for free on IOS and Googleplay , and leave your comments!


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