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War Dragons

War Dragons is a virtual 3 D online game. One of the real time playable online game. Beautiful graphics and realistic gameplay will give a new gaming experience. Train your dragons and attacks in PVP, hold off enemy raids in real-time fashion.


Leviathan dragon

Leviathan dragon

Customize your dragons and name your pet. Choose from 2 type of dragon. Warriors and Sorcerer dragons. Warriors dragons can help you to do Flamethrower attack and damage Tons of health. On the other hand, by Sorcerer dragons Swipe Attack which Can cast very powerful spells.


Unlock new level by destroying your enemy and upgrade your dragon’s skill. Train your dragon to achieve new power and maintains good health.

Hantu Dragon

Hantu Dragon


Build your own base and have all the resources. Be strong and powerful to your enemy. Resources includes lumber mills and farms to earn coins and war dragons’ cash. By using coin you can speed up the level and unlock new features.



Watch videos of gameplay for walkthrough. Click here for gameplay training.


Get community support and IOS, Android support from official forum. Click here for support.



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