Why you should not use outbrain.com

There are many advertising company around the web and most of them have their partner who publish their ad for revenue. Every advertising company  has their own platform or system to make happy their customer and partners. Outbrain.com is one of the advertising company based on related content publishing company. The true fact about this company is they don’t pay to any publisher. On the website they are showing publisher can earn money by publishing content but once you register they will not pay you.

outbrainOn this screenshot you can see that they are publishing content to raise money for charity. So, the fact is, if you don’t want to publish third party content this outbrain will work as a widget (related post widget) nothing else.

But if you want to advertise your content you have to pay them. So, for me i see this site as a charity who makes money for no service.


publishing cost on outbrain

On their website said that publisher can monetize but small publisher don’t get pay for per click. Now it’s up to you if you want to raise money for charity then you can use outbrain.




I don’t know who wants to raise money for charity from their web content?


There are few content advertising company which has good rating like, content.ad, taboola and these company pays good to their publisher.



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