Yulin Dog Meat festival in China Need to Stop

Yulin Dog Meat festival in China, Need to Stop !

Jennifer Tavernier from Marquette, MI has started online petition to stop this Dog meat festival. Yolin Dog meat festival started in 2010, and since then people in China kill and skinned them alive. This is very pathetic. 
Read the letter written to the city governor. I am just going to copy this letter from Change.com. Appsplusgame.com is not affiliate with change.com. Appsplusgame.com allows me to blog about this petition so that I can give a little push to this petition. Click to the sign up link to join with Facebook account.
Letter to Yulin City Governor Mr. Chen Wu

“Stop the Yulin Dog Meat festival permanently! There is no more loyal animal to humans then dogs. They would sacrifice their own lives to save ours. They do not deserve this cruelty or Humiliation. What can we do to assist your government in stopping this forever? Every day over 1000 people sign this petition, along with all the other petitions to stop this cruel so called festival. There is something seriously wrong mentally with someone who can inflict such cruelty on an innocent creature. It gives your entire city and country such a bad name. There has to be a way to make your people understand this is not going to help their pain or the heat that they feel in the summer. This is one comment on why this has to end. (Its time for man(KIND) to evolve beyond primitive murderous barbarism and sociopathic behavior or go to jail as they are a danger to civilized society. Evidence supports a direct link between animal cruelty and violence against humans.
“This extremely violent and depraved act of animal cruelty is particularly disturbing, not only because of the unimaginable suffering animals are forced to endure, but also because of the implications such cruelty hold for the safety of the community at large.” Peter Wood.
“Animal cruelty is not a harmless venting of emotion in a healthy individual; this is a warning sign that this individual is not mentally healthy and needs some sort of intervention. Abusing animals does not dissipate these violent emotions, it may fuel them.” Allen Brantley, FBI Supervisory Special Agent.
FBI’s “homicidal triad” has been established as a reliable key to future dangerousness to humans: 1) Animal Abuse, 2) Firestarting, 3) Bedwetting.
Those who harm humans almost always also harmed animals.
Helpless animals are where serial rapists and killers get their start.
Violence begets violence.
This is horrific torture, suffering, neglect and disregard for any basic needs of these animals, of which, clearly trapped/enslaved, they are dependent upon. And then to be mercilessly, brutally killed and eaten. Humans, believing to be superior, must use their superior intellect to research “cruelty free” options.
Start a veggie noodle shop.
Someone, with ANY intelligence, can solve and resolve this for a humane outcome that is non-exploitative, compassionate and benefic for animals. Humans, believing to be superior, must use their superior intellect to research “cruelty free” options. Humans with allegedly “superior intellect ” should use their “superior minds” to find suitable options/solutions to match their “superior intellect,” rather than, as sociopaths, torture and MURDER innocent animals.
Instead of the sociopathically brutally KILLING them, animal abusers fines can pay for shelter, food, vet care, to find good homes, or these animals can provide a unique source of support for people with depression, autistic children, seniors with dementia, introverted teenagers, post traumatic stress disorder, or people with chronic or terminal illness. Animal abusers fines can pay for training for cadaver search dogs, cancer search dogs, drug search dogs, etc.
No animal should EVER be EXPLOITED to satisfy the selfish needs of humans: not for GREED, entertainment, sport, customs, religion, food, fur/any body parts, soulless science, culls, or sadistic “hunting” murder. Those who endanger, disregard, exploit, imprison, neglect, disrespect, abuse, molest, torture, and/or murder animals must be imprisoned and/or pay for their psychiatric management and placed on an animal abuser registry. Their fines must pay to build/support animal shelters/sanctuaries/relocation programs. Pay for protected reserves/conserved areas/fencing, etc. Pay for spay/neuter/birth control programs. Pay for & install billboards, bus signs, street signs, post posters, wear sandwich board signs, pass out flyers, etc., for ANIMAL PROTECTION & CRUELTY FREE AWARENESS & EDUCATION. PAY rescue groups for vehicles, gas, food, vet care, etc. Pay to release animals from labs, puppy mills, kill shelters, factory farms, fur farms, horse/dog/cat meat facilities, canned hunting, dog/cock/bull fighting, circus,etc. Pay to stop poaching/culls, etc. Pay for food, vet care, foster care/adoption, training for cadaver search/drug sniffing, emotional assistance/support animals, training animals for adoption to people with depression, autistic children, seniors with dementia, introverted teenagers, post traumatic stress disorder, or people with chronic or terminal illness.
Humans are called to be compassionate caregivers, protectors and stewards of the planet and its beings. Helping not harming. To create an environment where all beings are treated with respect and compassion. Never to die needlessly or cruelly. These vulnerable, innocent beings have the right to live “cruelty-free” in peace.
“We must remember in our dealings with animals that they are a SACRED TRUST to us. They cannot speak for themselves.” Harriet Beecher Stowe. ”  Real more 

Please join to the petition and help to stop killing dogs in China. Share this and ask your friend to sign up to this petition for our best friends, our dogs.

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